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Rum Punch THC Cocktail, 4PK

5 MG of Hemp Derived THC + 5 MG of CBD

Enjoying a Drinkin’ Buds Rum Punch is like getting a tropical vacation in a can without the sunburn and the embarrassing photos. It’s a sweet and fruity concoction of juices, and a splash of coconut, served with an umbrella and a side of Caribbean vibes. With just the right amount of THC it will make you want to put on a grass skirt, play the steel drums and hula dance at your next beach party. So, if you’re looking for a little taste of the good life, sip on a Drinkin’ Buds Rum Punch and let the good times roll. You’ll feel like you’re on a vacation, even if it’s just in your own backyard. Cheers to that!

Alcohol Free
4 pack – 12 oz Cans


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