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Our story

Two Wisconsin guys had a dream to grow some great hemp. They didn’t set out to be Drinkin Buds, that’s just what destiny had in mind. When the cannabinoid commodities market forced Justin and Matt to come up with a use for their hemp, opportunity was born. They couldn’t just do what everyone else had been doing, they needed something special. They needed special products as well as a special brand. Over cold beers on a hot summer afternoon tending to their rapidly growing crop, it hit them.

They would make CBD cannabis beverages. They were Drinkin’ Buds.

Now they have continued to evolve on their path, but still have one goal in mind: to create the most exciting, delicious, high quality, hemp derived beverages on the market today.

Justin & Matt



Drinkin’ Buds will be the brand that moves recreational low dose THC into the main stream with high quality cocktails that taste great and bring the fun!


Our mission is to create premium cannabis beverages that bridge the gap from recreational alcohol to low dose THC. Cocktails can be delicious, highly relaxing, and fun without alcohol


Drinkin' Buds' focus is to prioritize quality ingredients, offer a variety of flavors, and make access to our product as convenient as possible.

Cannabis Cocktails are the New Social Drink!

Cannabis cocktails offer a new and exciting way for consumers to socialize and enjoy a drink without consuming alcohol. As the market for cannabis cocktails continues to grow, we can expect to see more innovation and creativity in this exciting new industry, and the benefits are loud and clear:

  1. Cannabis cocktails can offer a healthier alternative for those who want to socialize and enjoy a drink without the negative side effects of alcohol.
  2. Cannabis cocktails can be dosed precisely, so consumers can have more control over the effects they experience.

  1. Cannabis cocktails can offer a similar social experience to traditional alcoholic cocktails. They can be served in bars and restaurants, and can be enjoyed with friends and in social settings.

  2. With the legalization of cannabis in many parts of the US, cannabis cocktails are becoming more widely accepted and available. As more people become interested in trying new and innovative ways to consume cannabis, cannabis cocktails are expected to continue to grow in popularity.

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